Dragons can speak all of the languages of the world, human and animal ones. If you eat dragon tongue, you own the same power and you can distinguish the truth from the lies.

But, dragons speak their own language, a very secret and ancient language which they speak only with their kind… But that’s finished ! With what I read about dragons, I tried to imagine a language corresponding to them, to their behaviour and to their society.

I suggest you to discover my vision of dragonese and I hope that this strange language will please you ! Indeed, my dragonese is a hard language but dragons are exceptional creatures and a too easy language, without originality and subtlety, would not suit.

In my opinion, dragonese includes four distinct languages :Logo dragonese

  • Harazouban : the most fluent one, which we will call “dragonese”
  • Radaban : a violent language, used only for duels or battles
  • Arhâsiban : ancestral language, used in ancient manuscripts written by first dragons for their successors
  • Ridzaban : magic language, only used for spells and invocations

See you soon for the first lesson ! A dictionary, exercises and texts will be available.


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